Wednesday, 28 September 2016

chocolate {brown} and pistachio {green}

My eldest daughter and myself are partial to a pistachio or two . . .

We do try and make a regular stop at the Nut Mans table at the Medina gate in Assilah to get a paper cone full when he comes out to ply his trade in the evenings.

But this morning, in more of an autumnal mood here in the uk,
 I decided to channel the domestic goddess in me!
Something I haven't done for a while -
and actually bake something off my Pinterest boards!
All my favourite flavours . . .
pistachio, cardamom, chocolate!

And that swiftly led me onto a decorating tangent
I've always loved the green tiles and design of Le Jardin in Marrakech,
 and I think the green works perfectly with the basket tones and browns.

textiles via

A perfect auntumn palette - and not bad with my morning coffee either

recipe via



Thursday, 22 September 2016


There is a chill in the air as autumn settles in here, which has prompted me to try and cosy up the shop

ochre mountain boujid rug

some new, things some old favourites . . . still very much a work-in-progress!

ewwel sugar bowls

Please follow the link and have a look -would love to know what you think!,uk

vintage cushion


Tuesday, 13 September 2016

hard at work . . .

Admittedly its been a little quiet on my blog of late,
but just to let you know that I am working hard behind the scenes 
to make sure everything is working just how I want it to!

in the meantime
don't forget you can find me attempting to be arty


and just generally sharing the stuff of life

please keep in touch & I will be back to the blog soon!

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

shouf! {look!} SUMMER SALE

I am getting busy and trying to get organised as September looms and life shifts up a gear!
So with this in mind
 its time to clear the shelves to make space for new stock coming soon!

simply use code: shoufsale at checkout for a 20% DISCOUNT
while stocks last only

Tuesday, 5 July 2016


its that time of year
time to step away from my laptop
shake out the beach towels
and head for some sunshine

Flights have been booked

and we are looking forward to taking time to slow down

enjoy leisurely and warm summer evenings

and sunny beach days

and maybe even a little time to play . . .
but as they say
i will be back
see you in a few weeks time

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

majorelle blues

I have had a busy month on the home front with moving house taking up a lot of my time and energy
so not a lot of time for blogging . . .
But slowly the practicalities are getting done and moving aside for the pretty stuff,
and even more exciting - I have a small office/workspace.
So I thought I would share some of the images I have earmarked for inspiration in this "room of my own"
The starting point - and hence the title of this post - is the quintessential blue of Jardin Majorelle.

It's the combination of that intense blue, with that wonderful accent of sunshine yellow

{and lord knows we need all the sunshine we can get here in the uk
even if i have to paint it in myself!}
Here are some more images for my Majorelle Blue Moodboard
all images and credits can be found HERE

So I am off to buy some paint!

if you have a spare moment or two
click across to my shop
for some more inspiration

zwin cotton throw 

Thursday, 19 May 2016

5 things about Tangiers

By artist Rima Farah

I first met Rima when I moved to Assilah and she fast became both a reference point for where to find ANYTHING in Tangiers as well as a friend who provided an often much needed voice of calm in the madness that can be Tangiers.
Her art, like her is one of quiet patience as she interprets the lyrical shapes and forms of arabic calligraphy onto canvases and ceramics.


When I asked her to list me her "5 things about Tangiers " her reply was less about specific people and places, and more about the essence of the city:

#1: The sea - surrounded by both the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, I feel at the edge of the world.

#2:The topography - I love the hills and the open green spaces, the plants, the flowers. The space keeps me fit!

#3: The birds - the migrations twice a year with the storks everywhere, and birdsong. 
Lots of open  and magical skies and that special light for painters.

 #4 The food - lots of fresh fish, markets full of local seasonal produce and a huge variety - totally spoilt!

#5 The people - both the Moroccan and non-moroccan, Tangiers is like an airport, people coming in and out and lots of languages, stories, interests and characters - Never a dull moment!

More recently Rima has embarked on a project of getting little pieces of "baraka" woven onto cushions  But more about that later . . . !

For more about Rima and her art: